Avance by OPW

AVANCE by OPWAvance by OPW has been specifically designed to make the refueling experience pleasant for consumers by improved ergonomics and minimized spill so the forecourt can be kept clean and appealing. Avance is available as Conventional nozzle, Vapor recovery nozzle, High-flow nozzle, or as full dispenser hanging hardware solution.

Configure your nozzle in the Avance Configurator. Here you can find all different options available, so that you can customize the nozzles according to your company specifications and requirements.

Reduced spill and high environmental protection

  1. Closing with the flow poppet design.
    • Flow pushing down against poppet ensures tight seal
    • Preventing accidental fuel discharge even in the case of product failure
    • Considerably less dripping during and post fueling process, also if the lever is kept in the full open position (e.g. latching)
    • Pressure increase (e.g. from sun loading) does not open but close the valve system even tighter
  2. Avance Safety Cap (special pressure sensing mechanism for prepay and card lock systems)
    • No pressure/no flow principle safety device
    • Impossible to open until pumping system is pressurized
    • Auto closing when pressure is being removed and/or dispenser being turned off (even if the lever is in full-open position)
    • Preventing accidental fuel spills

Superior durability

  • Patented dual fuel flow valve system
  • Easy to open, soft closing (Dual fuel flow valve design; small secondary poppet surface area minimizes lift pressure)
  • Exclusive Dashpot action minimizes line shock
  • Robust and innovative design based on OPW expertise gained over more than 120 years in the fuel handling business.
  • As a result of the new technology and patents the average AVANCE nozzle tested completed 1.500.000 automatic shut off cycles.

Consumer friendly

The look and comfortable handling of the Avance nozzle is based on early and repeat consumer involvement, and represents the result of direct interaction with the ultimate users of fueling nozzles in the service station.

The integrated Avance Message Center offers a convenient, readily available space for communication with the consumers.


The Avance nozzle has been designed in compliance with both ATEX/EN and UL standards.