OPW's AVANCE Fueling System Gains Acceptance, Implementation Across Europe, Middle East and Africa; Swivels and Breakaways Now Available

By OPW | Jul 27, 2015

OPW, a Dover company (NYSE: DOV) and the global leader in fluid-handling solutions, is pleased to announce its AVANCE line of EN compliant hanging hardware continues to add to an impressive and growing list of approvals and purchases by leading companies within the Europe, Middle East and Africa markets. In addition, OPW AVANCE Swivels and Breakaway Valves have entered into the production phase and are now available.

Avance nozzle

"Since the launch, OPW has been hard at work with investing in the AVANCE product line and completing all kinds of tests required by large customers and governing bodies within the region. It’s good to see that our hard work and dedication is paying off with the ongoing acceptance by key players in the market,” said Fred Hess, Sales Director for OPW EMEA.

OPW’s AVANCE range incorporates several technical innovations that support profitability, decrease service and maintenance costs for operators, and protect customers and the environment during the filling process. The AVANCE product line is available as conventional nozzles, vapor-recovery nozzles and Diesel high-flow nozzles, swivels, breakaway valves, swivel/breakaway combinations and hoses. All AVANCE components are fully compatible and retrofittable throughout the EMEA markets.

In addition to a growing number of approvals for AVANCE accessories, OPW also hinted the official launch of the digital AVANCE Configurator will occur later this month. The AVANCE Configurator enables customers to do a virtual build of any individual AVANCE nozzle and all available accessories in an easy step-by-step process.

For more information on AVANCE nozzles, breakaway valves, swivels, swivel/breakaway combinations, hoses and related equipment, visit the "Dispensing Equipment" section of OPW's website. To learn more about OPW, find an OPW salesperson, or the nearest OPW Customer Service Centre, visit www.opwglobal.com.

About OPW:
OPW is a global leader in fully integrated fluid handling, management, monitoring and control solutions for the safe and efficient handling of critical petroleum-derived fluids from the refinery to the commercial and retail points of consumption, including loading systems, rail and transport tank truck equipment, tank gauging equipment and automated fuel management systems, valves and fittings, underground and above ground storage tank equipment, spill containers, overfill prevention devices, secondary containment sumps and flexible piping, fuel dispensing products, including swivels, breakaways, industrial and automatic dispensing nozzles for vapor recovery, gasoline, diesel, and alternative fuels, and clean energy fueling nozzles and accessories for LPG, Hydrogen and CNG. OPW also manufactures automated vehicle wash systems. OPW has 1,650+ employees with manufacturing operations in North America, Europe, Brazil, China and India and sales offices around the world. OPW is an operating company within the Fluids segment of Dover Corporation (NYSE: DOV). For more information on OPW, please visit www.opwglobal.com