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Handling Hazardous, High-Value Chemicals Doesn’t Have To Be High Risk
November 2016 - Minimizing the amount of chemicals lost during the connection and disconnection of coupling systems is a significant benefit to the health of the environment and operators, but it can also provide substantial cost savings.
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Pharmaceutical Processing: Getting On the Ball
April 2016 - Epsilon™ Dry Disconnect helps pharmaceutical manufacturers decrease the loss of expensive raw materials, reduce environmental hazards and increase efficiency for transferring liquids.
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Processing: Incremental innovation in couplings increases safety
May 2015 - Locking quick connects suitable for high-temperature, high-pressure liquid-transfer applications.
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Bulk Distributor: Coupling Safety with Flexibility
March/April 2015 – EMCO Chemical Distributors fitted its new packaging and distribution facility with OPW hose couplings and Civacon ground verification systems
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The Process / Flow Network: Coupling Safety with Flexibility
February/May 2015 - EMCO Chemical Distributors leverages hose coupling and ground-verification system to drive efficiency at its new packaging and distribution facility in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
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Fluid Handling: Improving Fluid-Transfer Connections
November/December 2014 – Throughout all stages of oil and gas supply change, operators are taking special precautions to prevent unnecessary contamination of the environment, while helping to ensure the safety of their employees.
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Tank Storage Magazine: Finding the right balance
January/February 2014 – How NuStar optimised its railcar loading operations at its US terminal in California
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